Momfaming is Born


It was May of 2004 and Erin was having a bad week. It was the end of her freshman year at Michigan State and she had broken her elbow and then broken up with her boyfriend all within a few days. She went back to her dorm room after her last final and Lisa, who was apparently also having a bad week, was there. “Erin, I know you broke your elbow and you and your boyfriend broke up…but look at my hair!”

“Erin, I know you broke your elbow and you and your boyfriend broke up…but look at my hair!”

She had gotten highlights from the local college of beauty and they weren’t exactly what she had wanted (think skunk’s tail). It wasn’t the support Erin had expected, but it at least made her laugh (and in Lisa’s defense, the break up was long overdue).

From then on, we have been there for each other through more break ups, broken bones, bad hair days, and even worse. We met at the beginning of freshman year but really became good friends after this encounter. We went on to live across the hall from each other sophomore year (where Erin introduced Lisa and her husband), and then shared a room in an apartment junior and senior year.

After college we stayed close, talking to each other every day (usually multiple times per day). In 2011 Erin was in Lisa’s wedding and in 2014 Lisa was in Erin’s. Once Lisa had her son in 2015, we were afraid the relationship would change because Lisa wouldn’t have as much time for the phone calls and texts; but that definitely didn’t happen. In 2016 Erin had her son and it cemented our friendship forever. We decided that our sons would be “forced best friends” and we get them together as much as we can.

Both of us try to be the best mothers we can, and that looks very different in each of our houses. Lisa is a full-time working mom (and even does photography in her “free” time) while Erin “retired” to become a stay-at-home mom. We both envy each other (because the grass is always greener, right!?) and respect each other as women and especially as mothers. We decided that too often moms are judged for every decision they make. Although we gossip frequently we try our hardest not to judge or “mom-shame”. Thus, momfaming was born!

We decided that too often moms are judged for every decision they make.

We wanted a place where mom’s were famed for all they do. We will do this by showcasing all kinds of moms who each have different experiences and opinions. We will also occasionally write posts about our own life and motherhood adventures. We can’t wait to see where this can go and we are excited that you are on the journey with us! Please check back often to see different moms in our “Hall of Fame” and let us know if you, or a mom you know, wants to be interviewed!

Your NOT so Perfect Moms,
Lisa & Erin

4 thoughts on “Momfaming is Born

    1. Thank you! We are hoping to spread some positive energy around about mothers. Let’s be honest – it’s rough. We are expected to be so much. This is a way to see that other people are going through the same things!


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