Mom of Fame – Jenny


You could tell right when we walked into Jenny’s house that she is basically Super Mom. She was showered and dressed for the day (at 10 am!), the twins were also dressed and playing in the family room, brownies were in the oven, and the baby was down for his nap upstairs. She had family coming over later for a birthday party for all of the kiddos and she still let us come and chat for a little bit.

She tells us this is not always the case, but we both know that only a Super Mom could handle 3 year old twins and a one year old boy with the ease and confidence that she does. In all of her answers Jenny was honest and so sure of herself. It was very refreshing to see a mom who was not second-guessing her answers or decisions.

You can tell this translates to all of her children as well. They were all a little weary at first, but then warmed right up and wanted to answer the questions along with mom (even the 1 year old!) They sat with their mom most of the time, but would also go do their own thing and come back when they wanted to check in.

We knew Jenny was the right choice to induct into our Hall of Fame when she said, “I don’t judge other moms for what they do. I don’t look at people and judge them. Motherhood is not a job for the weak. It is hard. Some people make it look easy and some don’t. Whatever they do for them, it works.” She is definitely one of those moms who makes it look easy! Welcome to our Mom of Fame, Jenny!

~Lisa & Erin


What is the best piece of advice you were given about motherhood? Did you take it?  Would you give that piece of advice to someone else? 

It’s hard, I didn’t get at ton of advice for twins, just because I didn’t really ask someone who had twins. I did have a couple chats with twin moms and they said “keep the kids on the same schedule”. That was one piece of advice I definitely took and I would give another twin mom the same advice.

Also, don’t try to do everything yourself. That was hard. I was told that a lot. Did I follow it? No. Especially my first time, I definitely didn’t. The second time; yes, I did. I would give someone that same advice. I think in my situation I really had a lot of people help. With the twins at least and it helped so much. Just because you’re outnumbered,.


How is motherhood different than you envisioned it to be?

That’s a tough one. I think it’s more demanding than I actually thought it would be. It’s more time consuming than I thought it would be. It would be different if I had one, but in my situation it was crazy the first year. That’s

I would say to just follow your gut and your motherly instincts

all I can say. My husband would say the same. It was crazy, it was busy, it was stressful. As a first time mom you have so many worries; am I doing this right? But, really, I would say to just follow your gut and your motherly instincts.


What are your three strengths when it comes to motherhood?

Hmm…I wish someone else could answer that for me.


I think I’m patient, and I’m even more patient as a mom.


I’m confident as a mom. I think that’s a big strength of mine. I feel good as a mom. I feel that I’m doing the right things when I’m doing them. I don’t try to second guess myself. My first 6 months with them, oh my God, I questioned myself a lot. But then I got past that and then I wasn’t nervous doing anything with them. I could take them to a store or travel with them and it didn’t make me nervous.


I’m strong headed when it comes to being a mom. I don’t worry a lot. Recently, when we went to Florida I traveled alone with the 3 kids and I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t nervous. I was completely comfortable. I knew they were with me and I am with them and nothing is going to happen to us. I can control them and I know we’re fine.


Describe a time where you were completely overwhelmed as a mother.

Well…it was definitely my first couple of weeks home [with the twins]. We had the twins, and one of them had a couple of issues as a baby, we had to do a lot of testing and it made me really nervous. Then I was moving, I was redoing a house, I wasn’t going back to work. That was pretty overwhelming.

Thank God we had our family, because our families were everything to us; especially our moms. I mean, I was home with two newborns for the first time and I’m packing up a house. And I’m moving to a new house, as I’m redoing it. So that was a lot. I would say that’s pretty overwhelming. Thankfully we had our family because they were our backbone. They still are.

Is there anything you feel that you’ve lost about yourself since becoming a mother? What have you gained? 

[Laughs]. No, nothing at all! Yes! A lot of independence. I lost a lot of independence to do my own thing, but now that they’re all getting older I am able to add that back in with what we do during the day. In the morning we put the 1 year old down for his morning nap and we go downstairs and the twins play while I exercise.

I think it’s made me a better person, though, because you learn to prioritize.

I’m starting to learn how to get it back. I don’t always have to entertain
them, and that’s something that is nice. At first I thought I did, but I don’t. Even though there are two of them, they can play alone in separate rooms. Even with the 1 year old, I can put him on the ground and walk away for a minute.

I think it’s made me a better person, though, because you learn to prioritize. My priorities are so different. If I really want to go somewhere but one of the kids is sick, I’m staying home.


What do you want your child(ren) to learn from you?

I want them to learn to always be caring. Care about everyone and everything. Be honest, with yourself and others. Honesty gets you so far, further than you think. Be confident in everything you do. Know you can do it, even if it’s hard at first. Be strong and know that not everything is going to go your way, but you can figure out a way you can make it work. Be happy, be confident and be strong and I think they’ll be fine no matter what they do. If they have those traits in them I think that they can do anything.


How was the transition from 2 to 3?

I was surprised how well it went. The only thing I did to prepare them was going in the baby’s room every day. We talked about him a lot too. I really thought they were going to have a hard time at first because I’m bringing home a new baby, and it’s always just been the three of us. But I was really surprised, they did great!

I didn’t have them come to the hospital. I wanted that time to bond with just the baby. It was very different and was hard on me. I had a hard time. But we came home and they did great. They adjusted so well. I think one of the reasons they adjusted so well was they never just had me. It was never just one-on-one. They’ve always shared me. It was no different than sharing my time with each other.

As moms you don’t let yourself get down, you don’t let yourself get sad, you don’t let yourself crumble.

I think as moms you need to be strong. I come from a very strong family. As moms you don’t let yourself get down, you don’t let yourself get sad, you don’t let yourself crumble. There were plenty of times I could have, especially coming home. I had three kids under three. Just move forward, know that they need you right now. I was tired, but I knew I was going to sleep one day. It’s fine. I mentally said to myself, “This is your job; God blessed you with three and you need to take care of all three”.


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