One More Minute

As I sit in the rocking chair and rock my son to sleep (I know, I know he should be falling asleep on his own by now) I try cherish every moment. Even once he is asleep I like to take one more minute to enjoy the snuggles and listen to his breathing because I know I won’t always have the chance to do this. It got me thinking…what else do I wish I had just one more minute of?


Being pregnant with my son…he came 11 days early and I wasn’t quite ready!

Holland sunsets…they’re beautiful and mean so much more now (look up “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Kingsley)

Playing with my niece and nephew…before I was a new mom and had more energy

Date nights with my husband…that don’t involve worrying about the baby 

Wine tasting in Sonoma on our honeymoon…and trying more than Pinot Grigio!

Learning to parallel park with my dad…in the streets of Birmingham using real cars!

Baking with my mom…when I was little and it seemed like magic

Bowling with my grandpa…and the sound his thumb used to make coming out of the ball

Dancing at my wedding…with all of my friends and family

Havanese snuggles…our first babies

College…I’d like more than 1 more minute there!

Wine nights with my friends…while not breastfeeding or having to get up the next day with a baby



Some of these things will be impossible to get one more minute of. Others, I’ll be lucky enough to experience again and I know that I will savor every minute of them. 

What do you want one more minute of?


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