About Us

Who and What is Momfaming?

We are daughters, wives and mothers who are done shaming. We wanted to start a blog that puts the fame (instead of shame) back in motherhood. Too often we are hit with insecurities about how we are doing as moms.

We are daughters,
wives and mothers
who are done

This blog is to show you that there is no wrong or right way to ‘mom’. There are ups and there are downs, so shouldn’t we all just have each others’ backs? What happened to the ‘tribe’ of motherhood? Too often we are seeing stories/comments/videos of shaming and we’re here to put an end to it.

Hopefully you can read one of these interviews and connect to the mother that is opening up. Hopefully you can read it and say ‘yes, so much, yes.’


Who is Behind Momfaming?

☕️ I am the mom to one crazy, loveable and sometimes insane five year old boy and the SWEETEST (sassy) toddler girl.
☕️ I am a full time working mom who loves both her day job and her mom job.
☕️ I have a wonderful tribe of people that surround me.
☕️ I am one of the lucky ones that can call on about anyone from that tribe for help.
☕️ I am an extrovert. I love meeting new people.
☕️ I am a Michigan State Grad. I met my husband there. I also met Erin!
☕️ Photographer on the side.
☕️ I love coffee (but who doesn’t).

Momfaming Bio PicErin 

☕️ I am a #boymom to a perfect 3 old who is rocking an extra chromosome and his equally as perfect 3 month old little brother (who isn’t).
☕️ I was a teacher and a preschool director but “retired” to become a stay-at-home mom.
☕️ I am a Down syndrome advocate.
☕️ I have two dogs who are a big part of our family (although they get a lot less attention now that we have 2 kiddos!).
☕️ I love to read and bake (when I have the time!)
☕️ I am a Michigan State Grad (Go Green!)
☕️ I have an amazing group of friends (which Lisa is a part of).
☕️ I am a wine lover (in moderation, of course!)

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